Portfolio timeline

  1. Week 2 — Make a super basic coming soon page to sit on your domain while you finish your portfolio

  2. Week 3 — Purchase the domain for your website & email address and set up all the DNS & hosting stuff.

  3. Week 3 — Start thinking about your brand’s personality and figure out what content you need on the website & what portfolio pieces you want to display.

  4. Week 4 — Plan out all the pages of your portfolio and what patterns you need.

  5. Week 4Week 6 — Design & develop the pattern library for your portfolio website.

  6. Week 6 — Get critiques & feedback on your pattern library to help make your portfolio better.

  7. Week 7 — Look into how to make your website show up in search results & display properly in social media.

  8. Week 7Week 10 — Use the pattern library to fill out all the portfolio’s pages & start inserting the real portfolio pieces.

  9. Week 9 — Learn how to integrate video into websites & how to use it on your portfolio.

  10. Week 11 — Get more critiques & feedback on your portfolio so you know what to fix over the next coming weeks.

  11. Week 12 — Make your website blazing fast so potential employers don’t have to spend their valuable time waiting for you big images.

  12. Week 13 — Apply accessibility & progressive enhancement techniques to improve your portfolio.

  13. Week 13Week 15 — Finalize all the fiddly-bits and make your portfolio the best it can be!

  14. Week 14 — Add a cute, fun—and helpful—404 error page to your website.

  15. Week 15 — Get everything tested by everybody to make sure everything works every time.

  16. Week 15 — Get the final critiques & feedback on your portfolio to make sure everything is top-notch.

  17. Week 15 — Put your website on its domain and bask in the beauty of your fully complete portfolio website.