Learning code doesn’t have to be confounding.

There are too many topics and too many tutorials online. It’s hard to figure you which are up-to-date and even harder to figure out what order to follow them.

Learn the Web, is a structured, curated, living guide to web development for graphic designers—presenting the information in a logical, targeted order that goes from a basic mobile-friendly webpage to a complex multi-screen interactive website.

Easy to follow.

Start with the set up and work your way through the numbered courses, following the topic order. Finish with some ideas of what to learn next.

  1. Web Design 1
  2. Web Design 2

Sometimes it’s fun & games!

There are lots of activities, quizzes, exercises & games to test the knowledge you’ve learned—or even explore and master new tools.

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The power of open.

We believe in the power of open source—especially in education.

All of our curriculum for the web development courses is freely available for any teacher to fork, modify & improve for their program.

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Professor of the Open Web.

The tutorials, videos & curriculum were hand-crafted & curated by Thomas J Bradley, a web development professor.