Responsive animated dashboard

Combining all of the topics from Web Dev 3 to create a full responsive, animated dashboard website.

Referenced lessons

This layout and series of videos combine together all the lessons from Web Dev 3.

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Video list

  1. Dashboard: intro
  2. Dashboard: masthead HTML
  3. Dashboard: navigation style
  4. Dashboard: masthead style
  5. Dashboard: farthest distance panel
  6. Dashboard: bar chart
  7. Dashboard: probes table
  8. Dashboard: destination images
  9. Dashboard: tab HTML
  10. Dashboard: tab CSS
  11. Dashboard: responsive design
  12. Dashboard: visual design
  13. Dashboard: animated bar chart
  14. Dashboard: counting numbers
  15. Dashboard: navigation JavaScript
  16. Dashboard: navigation UX
  17. Dashboard: tabs JavaScript
  18. Dashboard: accessibility
  19. Dashboard: keyboard accessibility
  20. Dashboard: accessibility testing
  21. Dashboard: validation
  22. Dashboard: browser testing
  23. Dashboard: performance