Jekyll terminal guide

Jekyll is a command line tool so we have to use the Terminal application on our computer to start, stop, and run Jekyll.

Open folder in Terminal

This guide assumes you’re running Jekyll on GitHub Pages and that you’ve followed the setup directions here: ☛ Jekyll installation.

In the GitHub application, click Repository > Open in Terminal.

Or press Control-`.

Run Jekyll

When in Terminal, type the following command:

bundle exec jekyll serve

Jekyll will now be available in your browser at the following URL:

Alternatively you can use: http://localhost:4000 ( & localhost) are interchangeable.

You can see the address Jekyll provides in the Terminal, under the “Server Address” entry:

Keep this running the whole time you’re working on your Jekyll website.

Stop Jekyll

In Terminal, you can press the following shortcut key: Control+C

Or just quit Terminal.

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