Install Jekyll on older Macs

This is for installing Jekyll on older versions of MacOS, specifically 10.8 and below.

Installing the command line tools

We first need to install the Command Line Tools before installing Jekyll—we can get older versions from Apple’s Developer Website.

Go to Apple Developer Downloads and sign in with your Apple/iTunes account.

Agree to the terms of use.

When you get to the download page, find the most recent version of the command line tools for your version of MacOS.

Download and install the tools—eject and delete the download when complete.

Installing Jekyll in Terminal

Open the Terminal application on your Mac and type the following commands.

1. Update the gem installer

sudo gem update --system

It will prompt you for your computer’s password. As you type it in you won’t see anything—but it is being entered. When complete, hit Return.

2. Install Jekyll

Installing Jekyll in the Terminal will download Jekyll and install it on your local computer.

sudo gem install jekyll

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