An introduction to use HTML form elements to collect information from users.

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Collecting user information

  • HTML by itself cannot do anything with the data
  • Most often a server is needed to process the information—and a server language: PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • But JavaScript can do quite a bit of processing in the browser

Do not use forms unless absolutely necessary

Forms are a usability hurdle—especially on mobile

Contact forms are stupid—they do nothing more than what a simple email address does

Use forms only if collecting very specific information

<form method="POST" action="…">   <!-- Surrounds every form element -->

  <label for="…">                 <!-- The text label for a control — ALWAYS REQUIRED -->
  <input type="…" id="…">         <!-- An input control, lots of different types -->

  <select id="…">                 <!-- A dropdown menu box -->
    <option>                      <!-- An entry inside the <select> -->

  <textarea id="…">               <!-- A large, multi-line text field -->

  <button type="submit">          <!-- Submission button — sends data, does not link to other pages -->

  <fieldset>                      <!-- To group fields together, like address fields -->
    <legend>                      <!-- A label for the group of fields -->
<input type="text" id="…">        <!-- Generic text; `type="text"` is optional -->
<input type="number" id="…">      <!-- A number, integer or float -->
<input type="url" id="…">         <!-- A valid URL -->
<input type="color" id="…">       <!-- A colour; often presents a colour picker -->
<input type="date" id="…">        <!-- A date; often presents a calendar -->
<input type="time" id="…">        <!-- A time; often presents a time picker -->
<input type="email" id="…">       <!-- A valid email address -->
<input type="password" id="…">    <!-- The typed characters are hidden by bullets -->
<input type="tel" id="…">         <!-- For collecting a telephone number -->

<input type="checkbox" id="…">    <!-- The checkmark input -->
<input type="radio" id="…">       <!-- Those circular inputs where you can only select one -->
<input type="range" id="…">       <!-- A number slider -->
<form method="POST" action="/authenticate">
    <label for="username">Username</label>
    <input id="username" required>
    <label for="password">Password</label>
    <input type="password" id="password" required>
    <button type="submit">Sign In</button>

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An introduction to use HTML form elements to collect information from users.