Create online account

Set up your account on GitHub and Learn the Web’s grade tracking service: Progressinator

1 Create a GitHub account

Git is a version control system and GitHub allows us to host all our code & websites online. (More on this next week.)

  1. Go to GitHub and sign up for an account. Choose whatever username and email address you’d like.
  2. Choose the free plan when you get to that screen.
  1. Remember

    Though it shouldn’t need to be said: remember your password!

2 Put your name into GitHub

After creating your account go to your user settings and input your full name—this is the name that will be shown to me when I do marking.

Go to “Settings” in the user menu.

Input your full name for grading purposes.

3 Create your Progressinator account

For the Web Dev courses you’ll be watching your progress & getting your grades on a application named Progressinator.

Progressinator connects to Markbot and the Learn the Web website to track your progress and for submitting assignments.

Go to Progressinator and sign in using your GitHub account.

You don’t need a unique username & password for signing into Progressinator—it uses your GitHub account as the authentication mechanism.

4 Set your current course & section

Next up you can set your current course & section. This shows correct due dates in the grades list & allows the teacher to find you within the class list.

Click your username in the top right corner to visit your profile page.

Select your section from the list of available Web Dev 1 sections.

And save.

5 Keep the profile tab open

Don’t close this profile tab. Keep it open, we’re going to need it again in a few minutes.