Computer shortcuts

Tips, settings, shortcut keys, and efficiencies for using your Mac and your web browser.

1 Navigating applications

Watch this demonstration video showing tips and shortcuts for navigating applications.

Keys Explanation


Will completely quit the application, not just close a window.


Will close a window or a tab.


Will save whatever file is currently active.


Will open new files.


Will cycle forwards through the last viewed windows in this application.


Will cycle backwards through the last viewed windows.


Will go to the previously used application.

⌘Tab then Hold ⌘

  • Will display a list of all the open applications.
  • While holding if you press Tab you can select which app to view.
  • Pressing Q while still holding will quit that application in the background.
  • Pressing H while still holding will hide that application.
  • Pressing 1 while still holding will show all the windows open for that app.

2 Navigating text

Watch this demonstration video showing tips and shortcuts for navigating text.

Keys Explanation


Will copy some selected text.


Will paste the previously copied text.


Will copy then delete the text, cut.


Will undo any number of changes.


Will redo the changes you undid.


Will search for some text in the document.


After finding results, will jump to the next search result.


Will move backwards through the search results.


Will jump to the end of the line.


Will jump to the start of the line.


Will jump to the next word.


Will jump to the previous word.


Will jump to the top of the text.


Will jump to the bottom of the text.

Shift Arrows

  • Will highlight text
  • Can be combined with &

3 Manipulating files & folders

Watch this demonstration video showing tips and shortcuts for manipulating files and folders.

Keys Explanation


Will rename a file or folder.


Will trigger a preview.


Will make a new Finder window.


Will make a new folder in this location.

⌘ Delete

Will move a file/folder to the trash.


Will open a file in the default application.


Will duplicate the file/folder.


Will move around the files.

⌘1, ⌘2, ⌘3

Will switch between “Icon”, “List” and “Column” views.

4 Browser shortcuts

Watch this demonstration video showing tips and shortcuts for navigating your web browser.

Keys Explanation


Will jump to the URL bar.


Will make a new tab.


Will reopen a recently closed tab.

⌘1, ⌘2, etc.

Will jump to a tab by it’s order in the tab bar.


Will navigate the browser back.


Will navigate the browser forward.


Will go leftwards, navigating through the tabs.


Will go rightwards, navigation through the tabs.


Will jump around the web page highlighting controls you can manipulate.

Return / Space

Will trigger the active control, click links or check checkboxes, etc.


When no control is selected it will jump down the page.

Shift Space

Will jump up the page.